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Hello, beautiful spirits! We invite you for a sensual carnival of caramel fragrance with each dab of our Taskeen Caramel Cascade!

With Caramel, Tonka bean and Vanilla seeping through the layers of this fragrance, you would never miss a chance to experience the sweet seduction of Taskeen Caramel Cascade from the first spritz.

Taskeen Caramel Cascade opens with sweet, seductive notes of luscious Caramel paired beautifully with creamy Milk that elevates the sophistication of the caramel fragrance. The heart notes come with the caramel-like oriental note of Tonka bean. It is blended with Honey, imparting a balancing warmth with its amber-y sweetness.
The base completes the caramel cascade with another caramel-like sweet note, Vanilla, which yet again opens the oriental fragrance symphony. Along with Vanilla, the best oriental notes of White musk and Amber beautifully enhance and fixate the warm, sensual and seductive scent on the skin for a longer time.

Are you ready to unveil your innate allure? Come, embark on the journey to embrace yourself with our Taskeen Caramel Cascade!

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