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Khair Pistachio is a concocted goodness of refreshing pistachio cream, fresh blooms, and the
forever comforting warmth of vanilla and Tonka bean scents. An alluring floriental composition,
Khair Pistachio will elevate your ordinary moments into treasured eternity with floral freshness
intertwined with oriental richness in its fragrance. But the question is, are you ready to seize the
Khair Pistachio inevitably opens with the delicate but irresistibly sweet gourmand scent of
pistachio in all its glory.
The heart of Khair Pistachio is a harmonious blend of rich fragrant blossoms of lily of the valley
with peonies enveloped in the delicious notes of cream.
At the base, tonka beans and vanilla heighten the intensity and warmth of the oriental aroma,
while the playful scent of sweet candy floss adds a delightful balance.
Bottled in all the luxury of the timeless green and gold palette packaging with ornate design and
embellishment, Khair Pistachio will make an exquisite gift for the cherished ones in your life.
Charming, pure, and warm- Khair Pistachio is everything good.

Top: Italian Bergamot, Pistachio Gelato, Hazelnut, Sweet Rum and Cardamom
Middle: Geranium, White Peony, Muguet, Jasmine, Raspberry, White Peach and Pear
Base: Whipped Cream, Marshmallow, Cotton Candy, Turkish Delight Accord, Cocoa, Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Tonka.

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