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Sprinkle the magical aroma of this festive season all around you with the luring seduction of December Vanilla from our collection!

A splash of December Vanilla is a sensual celebration- with the classic vanilla scents lingering in the air while you gather around with your cherished ones for a warm homemade December feast - deeply tempting and succulent but warm and cosy like home.

The bottle opens into a symphony of seduction with vanilla and jasmine doused in rum notes for spiking the sweet gourmands that come along.
The heart is setting the stage for the warmth in the fragrance with the notes of leather and tonka bean. But the vanilla is still the constant, along with the creme brulee and rose notes, reigning the heart with unquestionable allure.
The base takes on a woody persona delving into the depths of oud, amber, and musk tamed with caramelly brown sugar and the rejuvenating freshness of patchouli.

Also, who can overlook the intricately crafted aristocratic perfume bottle that mirrors the forever charm of the December Vanilla scent perfectly?

Top notes :Rum, Vanilla Orchid and Jasmine.
Middle notes : Vanilla, Creme Brulee , Spicy Notes, Leather, Tonka Bean and Rose.
Base notes are Patchouli, Brown sugar, Agarwood (Oud), Sugar, Amber and Musk.

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