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Step into the enchanting world of Bayn al Asrar, a fragrant tale that
transcends time and space. At its inception, the fragrance unfolds with a
symphony of top notes, where the crisp essence of Nashi Pear, the nutty
allure of Hazelnut, and the mystical touch of Olibanum open the windors
to a timeless fragrant.journey.
As the narrative deepens, the heart notes reveal themselves, weaving a
floral tapestry of Osmanthus, Taif Rose, Saffron, and Jasmine Sambac
This aromatic, journey invites you to a garden of emotions, where sweet
floral and spicy nuances dance in perfect harmony.
The grand finale awaits in the base notes, where the fragrance reaches its
crescendo. Immerse yourself in the warmth of Sandalwood, the sweetness
of Vanilla. The lingering trail of Amber and Muse leaves an indelible
mark, making Bayn al Asrar a fragrance that not only graces your skin
but also tells a captivating story. Let each spritz be a chapter, each
whiff a page turned, as you embark on a pilgrimage to yourself with
Bayn al Asrar.

Top notes : Nashi Pear, Pink pepper and Olibamum
Middle notes: Saffron,jasmine Sambac, Taif rose , Hazelnut.
Base notes :Sandalwood, Vanilla, Amber and musc

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